Not all the elm trees on the property are dead.  I thought for sure they were, but this one keeps growing up against the 70+ year old garage and for the longest time I ignored it’s ancestory.  Yes, I think it is a weedy Siberian elm, although I can’t say for sure.  The great American elms have been decimated by disease and I remember as a child cutting the last large one down on our property behind my grandparent’s house.  It was a huge old tree that took three adults standing in a circle to wrap their arms around it’s girth.  We had for years a tree swing from one of the massive branches but slowly the elm beetles and Dutch elm disease took their toll and the mighty tree eventually could not win the battle.  The bark was peeling off and it took my grandpa, father and uncles to safely fell the giant.  


Anyway, this one is not a giant but is an elm so I can happily say we have at least one elm tree on Shady Elm Farm.