{honey bees}

Our honey bees are the newest and most challenging member of our farmstead.  I don’t think I will live long enough to know all I really need to know about these little creatures.  They truly are a fascinating mystery.  

I’m a part of local club for beekeepers.  If anyone is interested in managing bees, I’d suggest you find a local club to join.  The information, support and resources I’ve received in our club has been amazing.  

I have other hobbies as well, and I suppose if I get serious about keeping the website updated, I’ll be adding them as well.

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19 years ago we were looking for a place in the country to raise our children.  We preferred somewhere close to extended family and closer to work.  

After a lot of searching we found our little 5 acre farm (originally part of an 80 acre plot), homesteaded by the great-grandfather of one of our neighbours.  The house, a brick 4 square, had been preserved with all original woodwork and even the years of wallpaper (we did remove that – lots of work).  Our old buildings have served us well, but some have succumbed to time and the natural elements.  I have piles of “projects” from their bones. 

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