How beautiful are the flowers of spring!  How much sweeter their fragrance and lovely forms after long winters of grey, black and white!  My husband loves our old bleeding hearts, the lilacs always are a delight and I added a little of the lavender plant overwintered in the house that does not bloom but smells just like lavender flowers.  It was a rainy type of day, a bit humid and buggy but later the sun came out and the drier air of the evening was lovely.  It finally feels like summer as Wisconsin tends to skip over spring.  This year has been a bit of mixed spring/winter with some thaws and hope, only to be dashed by a strange snow storm or hard frost.  But it has past the frost stage for now and the plants are growing in earnest.  My garden beds (raised) I am attempting to create have been delayed due to rain and mud, but most of my garden veggies are safely in the greenhouse awaiting planting day.  It smells green outdoors and that is a breath of fresh air I can happily inhale!