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My children (and probably husband, friends and everyone I know) probably get tired of me finding an life lesson in the most mundane things of life but I suppose, that’s just how I’m wired.

For Mother’s Day, my husband upgraded our regular miter saw (passed on to my mother who was pretty happy), to this fancy configuration of a saw.  It’s a double bevel, sliding miter saw.  It may have a few other designations but needless to say, it’s an upgrade in form and function.

When it finally arrived, I was very excited.  For weeks I had anticipated all the projects I could make with it but when it arrived, I quickly realized that its capabilities exceeded my current skill set.  I was a little intimidated.  I clearly could do some pretty cool things with it, but it was evident that the power it contained required some new skills and extra precautions so I wouldn’t chop off a few fingers in the process.

All of which made me wax philosophical while overcoming my initial apprehensions and start using the thing.  Power (and freedom, which I’ll tackle on another day) can be amazing and create amazing things; if used wisely.  This sudden upgrade in power immediately reminded me of my need to be responsible and learn how to handle all this new raw power wisely.  It also reminded me that when handling something powerful, it is wise to receive it humbly.  If I had not recognized my own deficiency of skill, I probably could potentially create a situation where I or someone else could be injured.  Great power demands respect.  Arrogance is misplaced and only leads to misery at some point.  This goes for saws, vehicles, governments, relationships………

So, as I sort through all the great things I will make with my new saw, I will keep parable in mind.