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The week after Memorial Day until today has been a little bit surreal.  In nearby Minneapolis, the death of George Floyd due to police abuse, sparked a series of legitimate peaceful protests, and then spiraled down into looting, rioting, arson and other crimes in cities across the country.  It’s a very sad time.  We have friends and family living in the midst of the chaos and though we are still quiet on the farm, the tragedies nearby are deeply troubling.  

On Sunday, my husband brought home these two chairs, which we assembled and set in the yard.  We sat in them a long time yesterday evening and reflected on the events in our life, our neighborhood and our world.  And we were thankful for the very quiet where all we could hear were the birds fussing, the neighbor planting and our ducks quacking as they looked for insects to eat.  I have many prayers for the people who are living midst the chaos. 

We are better than this.  We must be.  The alternative is unacceptable.