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New mattress:  After suffering all winter into the spring with a bad knee, severe pain in my legs and ankles, it occurred to me one day after the chiropractor that we had switched beds to a king and were using an old mattress.  This led me to remember how bad beds can lead to bad backs and while I haven’t found the complete cure to my ailments, the new mattress has made a dent in my pain issues.  After a long day of researching, I chose a organic latex, wool, cotton hybrid mattress with inner spring coils from Awara.  The mattress arrived all compressed but quickly inflated to full capacity and we slept on it the same night it arrived.  It was a bit of an adjustment but after just over a week, I’ve seen a definite improvement on my joint symptoms!  Knowledge is half the battle.   Speaking of beds, it’s high time I get into mine.  I have a long day of appointments tomorrow.